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Civil War

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By Stephen T. Holland

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Here you will find audio samples featuring writing tips, my own writing, thoughts on politics, interviews featuring the American Civil War, thoughts on education and more. Many of the audios are currently featured in courses I teach online. I have taught English and Education courses for 30 years at Muscatine Community College, The University of Iowa, and through the Online Consortium.


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Audio Essays

  • Red Flag Days7:46
  • The Boot7:16
  • Muscatine's Mr. Baseball13:24

Tips on Writing

  • Taking Chances2:24

  • Interview with Mary Savage13:02


  • Cause-Effect Tips0:03
  • Comparison & Contrast9:31
  • Definition4:34
  • Exemplification6:05
  • 8:00
  • Free Modifiers11:28
  • Metaphor Sample Essay7:28
  • Naratives6:01
  • Plagiarism Warning3:40
  • Process lecture8:45
  • stephensoncauseeffect4:26
  • Tone & Style9:25
  • How to write a conclusion0:15
  • How to Write an Introduction0:37
  • Main Body Points0:19
  • Writing a Thesis0:24

  • Fallacies to Know7:52
  • Special Needs Help17:07
  • Muscatine's Mr. Baseball13:24


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